Asian World of Martial Arts

Asian World of Martial Arts

Asian World of Martial Arts | Martial Arts in Asain Style

Asian world of martial arts is no stranger to most Asians because of the culture we believe in. We grew up having good food and watching many action movies from famous martial arts artist such as Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee and Donnie Yen. Here we are going to explore few types of the more famous martial arts.

Bruce Lee made the kung fu world famous with his Wing Chun style of kung fu. This kung fu is rooted to the ground like a bamboo, which either deflect or redirect external forces. Wing Chun dummy or the Chum Kiu is a great aid to this kungfu, helping users to form greatly improve proprioception.

Another famous asian world of martial arts will be the ninjitsu or ninjas. They were mainly popular in the medieval Japanese time for espionage and spying and rarely engaged in open combats unless they have to.

They have the skills of what we called a secret agent today, spying, infiltration and rarely causing a scene in public to protect their identity and secret. They are highly trained and fit and during their era, many people called them hinin or non human.

Asian World of Martial Arts | Some other Martial Arts You Might Not Know

Next in the list will be the Silat. It is from Indonesia and Malaysia and mainly practiced by the Malays. Mostly what we see now are slow dances using a short sword but in Indonesia, Pencak silat you can see more high kicks and greater moving around skills. Today the keris is used in high Muslim ceremonies like government functions and such.

In silat culture, the energy circles used is called chakra. It shows that the energy emits outwards from the centre line of the body which is defensive in nature and energy moves out is offensive in nature. In movies  you can see sometimes the silat practitioners can shoot fireballs generating from their chakra but of course all this are still science fiction.

Finally the last asian world of martial arts, I am going to introduce you Muay Thai from Thailand.  It uses the knee often with elbows together with the fist, shins and feet making this  a full contact sport and deadly.  In MMA now, the leading winners are usually those who practices this martial art as it is very volatile and powerful with surprising attacks